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A bit of care,
A bit of love,
A bit of everything,
A bit of you and me,
Makes us a family~

I always thought that I am a grown up and I could take care of myself when my family is not around which is not completely true... Last week when my parents went for a holiday leaving me and my grandma, I got sick and it got worsen from day to day. I felt rather low-spirited and tired all day or everyday and however, the whole household is waiting for me to take care. Just when I thought that nobody cares about me, I felt the warmth from my fellow colleagues...they made me felt like home and cared like a family member.

Care without saying it out loud,
Understand without noting them out,
Love without showing their heart out,
Share without conveying out a word,
Though so,
Deep inside me,
I cherish everything that is showered upon me.


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