~Welcome to the digital garden of Rozene~

Dreams, Hobbies & Interest are not meant to be bottle up and kept away from others' disagreement...
I am not someone who is great and popular BUT I stand proud with mine~

What are the hobbies or interest that I have?
Lolita Fashion 

What to expect from this blog?
Mostly about my dolls and myself. Personally, I do hope that you are happy reading and sharing the post that I have in my blog otherwise, there will be just disagreements to what I have to share in my post.

What makes me create this blog?
This is a place to share my thoughts and the little things that I love. Not everyone who have the similar dreams, hobby and interest lives next door. I believe that anyone who is viewing my blog right now understands that digital media is brings us together. On the right-hand side navigation bar, there is a translation widget to translate all the contents in this blog~

Hope that this page gives you an overview of what Jardin de Rozene is all about~


  • Chow Mabel said...

    I seems to have problem with my sewing machine. Is there any website or link for troubleshoot?

    I cant have normal stitch today. Yesterday it was fine. Ive tried replace bottom bobbin. Changing threads. Adjusting tension. Buy still ive problem. Is it bcos its spoil?

  • Jessica Rozene said...

    Hi Mabel,
    For website, I do not have any to recommend but the other time I also had the same problem and most importantly different types of fabric may need different kind of tension and I did a lot of experiments to get the tension needed to get it working smoothly. It's not the bobbin problem or your thread, it's mainly your tension. Thinner fabric will need tighter tension while thicker will need loose tension.


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