Ball-jointed Dolls' Resin Used

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Resin is a general term used to call the material used to create a ball-jointed doll but what is the type used by your ball-jointed doll's company, urethane resin? environmental resin? or French resin? What are their advantage and disadvantage?

The hand on the left: Dream of Doll (standard urethane resin) and the hand on the right: RingDoll (environmental-friendly resin)

Ruzgar and Phylis from Dream of Doll

Standard Urethane Resin
It is a type of dense resin with no translucency which is commonly used type of resin and the formula used varies from every company resulting in wide variety of color and texture of the ball-jointed doll. Some may result in egg shell-like texture like Dream of Doll's ball-jointed doll. Besides the different formula used have effect on the texture of the ball-jointed doll, different polishing method used also has effect in the smooth or slick touch or rough texture.

French Resin
Compared to urethane resin, French resin is more translucent and the texture is smoother with shiny surface but it is less favorable due to the fast yellowing attribute on normal or white skin ball-jointed doll and greening attribute on tan or darker colored skin ball-jointed doll when exposing to ultra-violet ray or sunlight. Though so, there are also various ways to avoid from fast yellowing like less exposure to sunlight and also ways to lighten its yellowing.

Resiove's RingDoll Adrew, Cyril~

Environmental-friendly Resin (Canadian Resin)
Another name for environmental-friendly resin is Canadian resin because it was originally developed in Canada which is also the newest type of resin. Compared to French resin, it is more stable and not prone of yellowing as French resin. Like French resin, it has its degree of translucency and basically if you put them together, it is hard to differentiate whether it is French resin or environmental resin. According to RingDoll agent, Canadian resin is a non-solvent base resin which is more durable compared to ordinary resin. It has gone through ultra-violet testing and has anti-UV properties. There are various China ball-jointed doll companies that uses environmental-friendly resin such as RingDoll, Loong Soul and Island Doll.

Personally, I think it comes back to the acceptance of the attributes resulted from different type of resin used and formulated. Generally, I do think that flaws are something that can be minimised through cautious steps such as yellowing, most of the time, it is caused by ultra-violet ray from sunlight and by knowing the cause of it, you can avoid exposing it to the sunlight too often. Most importantly, what matters is your love for your dolls as they are.



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