Tutorial: 11cm Obitsu Body Changing for Little Dal

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 0 comments
My little Dal babies are finally going to have their bodies change to 11cm Obitsu

ToyMalaysia wrapped them neatly with bubble wrap~  Thanks!

I love the posebility that Obitsu bodies are able to do and also the body propotion is more propotionate but the one thing that got me into hesitation to decide whether to change their bodies into Obitsu bodies is 11cm bodies are fatter than little Dal's stock body and not all little Dal's outfit are able to fit 11cm obitsu bodies

Luckily my little Dal Lepupu's dress are able to fit the 11cm Obitsu body because I love that dress a lot 

I use white skin Obitsu body for my little Dals because little Dals have fairer skin like my Pullips. In Hegemony77's video tutorial, they are using natural skin color which appears to be more pinkish for little Dal's skin.

I'm not too sure if it happens to all little Dals but both Little Dal Lepupu and Little Dal George have yellowish arms and legs.

Compared to changing Pullip's stock body to Obitsu body, changing to 11cm Obitsu body is much easier because the eye mechanism for little Dal is smaller and therefore, I do not have to saw off the neck peg.

Other from the open hands, Obitsu 11cm body comes with a pair of holding hands and fist.

Little Dal's head only has one screw at the back of the head which is hidden under their hair which needs to be pry the wig apart from the head. It's easier to do it with the flat head screw driver because the glue used to stick them together is pretty tough and don't try prying with your nails.
To get the stock body out, just unscrew the two screws securing the T-support.

Pry open the obitsu body's upper body to take out the neck part to insert the O-ring to the neck part.

This is how it looks like after inserting the O-ring. For obitsu body, there is no need to put back the T-support because the O-ring will secure the neck part. Just put the head part back and screw it back and Done!

Both Usagi (Jun Planning's Ai Ball Jointed doll) and Bunny (Little Dal Lepupu)'s height are quite the same but Usagi's body appears to be slightly chubbier than Obitsu 11cm body.

Usagi's group selfie~


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