Tutorial: Obitsu Soft Body Changing for Pullip

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This tutorial was made in 2011 but unfortunately, during that time, I have lots of assignment and exams to catch up and forgotten this tutorial for Obitsu changing for Pullip~
For the last post of the year, I want to publish this tutorial that has been delayed last year~
Yours Truly from,

 Hannabella is a Pullip Hello Kitty with Type 3 body which has higher risk of crack-wrist compared to other types of body. Happens that, mine arrived with a crack-wrist as well and the seller sent me a M-sized bust obitsu soft body as a compensation for the crack-wrist.

Compared to the stock body, obitsu soft body has soft bust and the articulation is much better ^^v 
However, obitsu M-sized bust is bigger compared to stock body bust and stock dress is tighter on that part (>___<) 

Obitsu body comes with 3 neck peg sizes to suit different neck sizes

For Pullip, medium sized neck peg suits her neck size ^^v

If you have seen other tutorials, they would probably start with sawing off the neck peg first but for myself, connecting the neck peg to the body before sawing is easier because the neck peg is easier to handle and to connect to the body ~
It comes with a hook screw to connect to the body

There is a small metal piece to connect the hook to the body and if you have an assistant that would be much easier to connect it because for obitsu soft body, the soft part is actually a layer of soft PVC and you have to push it down below the hole so that the metal piece could connect to the neck peg hook.


To saw off the excessive neck peg, you will need a razor-tooth blade to saw it~

Saw off approximately 1/3 of the neck peg to avoid from disturbing the eye mech

Remove the wig first

If there are some strands of hair sticking on her scalp...

 Selefon tape does the trick ^^v

Pry open the scalp 

There is a screw underneath the scalp that needs removing in order to open her head n__n

 This is how it looks like inside~

 Slot into the neck part and put back the screw back and that all about changing an Obitsu body~

 Hope that the tutorial helps~  


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