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Daiso is here in Kuching with a range of clothing set for Daiso's Elly Fashion doll~
Based on the pakaging, it is meant for Elly doll only but it suits Groove's Pullip, Dal and Byul

 Most of the set suits Dal and Byul's height best because their body proportion is quite similar to Elly Dolls~

In terms of height, most of the sets are short for Pullips and some of them can be used as long tops or sexy short dress~

High School Uniform
It has 2 variety of colors which are pink and dark blue top
It comes with the set of school uniform, socks and a pair of black school shoes~

The interior of the school uniform
Personally, I think for a set that cost RM5, I have gotten the exterior looks that I want. I like the way they make all the clothing set to open fully from the back with Velcro tapes. 

For this set, it has a variety of 3 colors blue, pink and fluorescent yellow. 
The headdress is really meant for Elly doll or Barbie doll's head size because it is an elastic headdress and for my Dal, I used mini hair clips to clip the size of the headdress~
It comes with the headdress, waitress dress set and white high heels. 

It comes in 3 variety of colors blue, yellow and pink (not available in Daiso Kuching)
It comes with the yukata (robe), obi (belt) and geta (slippers). 

Sleepwear Sets (Personal Preference)
Left: Hearts Printed Wear
It has a variety of 2 colors which are pink and fluorescent yellow. 

Right: Hoodie
It has a variety of 2 pink tones, the one in the picture is a lighter tone while the other is more to darker pink (did not buy due to black spot on the hoodie)

Left: Hoodie
It comes with hoodie top, skirt and white high heels. 

Right: Heart Printed Wear
It comes with blouse top, tights and white high heels. 
The black tights are quite flexible but for Pullips, they are not able to close the Velcro tape part as Pullips have wider waist compared to Dal or Byul. 

Cute Ribbon Dress
It has a variety of 2 shades of pink with different colored ribbon. 
It comes with the dress and the white high heels. 
The length of the dress is just right to cover their butt but I would suggest that it can be decorated with some laces to extend the length of the dress so that it is easier to pose her sitting without being "overexposed"~

Border Autum Dress
It has 2 variety of colors which are as in the picture (I accidentally bought an extra set of the green dress).
It comes with the border dress set, pink bolero, pink socks and white high heels.
For Pullips, they are a nice casual wear top which goes well with mini skirts and mini shorts~


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