Grandma's 87 Birthday~

Thursday, August 8, 2013 0 comments
"Ah Ma" the wonderful grandma that I had been growing up with for 25 years has come to the age of 87 years old. Since the day I was born, she had been always there for me to care for me though I was a naughty and stubborn. Her love and warmth made the person I am today. 
Though dementia had taken away her memory of who I am, deep inside her old memories, her care and love for that naughty and stubborn granddaughter has never fade because every time when it's lunch or dinner time, she will be looking for the "mini-me". Probably, I when I was in my childhood days, I love eating and every time she would cook my favorite food so that I will eat extra plate of rice which is also the reason why I have become overweight during my teenage years. 

Though she might not know who I am or forget her birthday today, I still want to say, 

~(^ 3 ^) ~


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