DIY Doll Couch

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 0 comments

I made a couch out of the recycled material that I got from the poly form support for the corner of the electronic appliance. Most of the electronic appliances especially the ones use for speakers, they are bigger and easier to modify into a couch for your dolls. 

Things you will need:
The corner support poly form
(In my case the poly form is shaped like a couch already)
1/2 metre Cloth
(The couch size is suitable for 1/6 dolls and it only needs half of my 1/2 metre cloth to wrap it)
Head Pins
(If you plan to change different fabric in future otherwise using fabric glue will keep them in place)

Furry fabric is easier to wrap as the fur will cover the unevenness of the couch ~

A nice place for them to hang out~


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