Ribbon and Laces from rRabit

Friday, April 11, 2014 0 comments
While browsing online, I came accross this rRabit's Rosing Flower socks and their lovely design caught my sight~
Sadly, they were marked "SOLD OUT" but it did not stopped me from searching on their ebay shop and I was delighted to find it available on ebay. I took the chance to buy it for future SD female BJD~

Other from the socks, I bought a pair of matching pink colored rocking horse shoe. The heels look as though, they were real polished wood~

 They have arrived after waiting for 2 weeks. The socks are nicely printed on the silky socks fabric which I find them thicker than I thought. Overall, from the process of purchasing to receiving the product experience was good as the seller did a good job in communicating and processing the order. Now, I can't wait to get an SD girl to wear them~



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