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Jun Planning, a well-known doll company producing fashion dolls like Pullip; started their tiny-sized ball-jointed doll line in 2007 known as Ball-jointed Doll Ai. Unlike most ball-jointed dolls are made of resin, Ai, are made from plastic material.
Every one of them is named after flower names. Usagi's flower name is Lagrus meaning
These palm-sized cuties ranges from USD30~USD150(excluding the shipping cost) depending on her rarity and also demand.

Personally, I think it is worth the price I pay for because it comes with the whole set of clothes, shoes and even accessories for some of them. She is packed with a storybook like box with embossed designs and it has the name of my doll on it! 

Picture from ToyMalaysia
They are assembled and dressed while their shoes and additional accessories are packed neatly in the box~ Lagrus comes with more clothes items and I love her bunny ears headdress ~

Originally her articulation was rather floppy and wobbly which makes it hard to even pose for a simple "Hi". I re-string her with CoolCat's 0.8mm because her joint parts are smaller compared to Lati Yellow or most Yo-SD.

I bought her new shoes from CoolCat as well, the shoes size that she is wearing now is Lati Yellow size. Indeed, it is big for her little feet but wearing it with socks will be just right for her.

The wig that Usagi came with is rather stiff and tying twin tail and single ponytail is the most I can do to give her a different style. I bought ToyMalaysia's 3-4 inch sized Mohair wig for Usagi and it fits her just right.

In comparison to Obitsu 11cm body, BJD Ai have chubbier body and their clothes fits Obitsu 11cm body but they stand to similar height of 5 1/2 inch(about 14cm). She is able to fit in clothes that are mean for Barbies or the Daiso Elly doll clothes which are short~

Usagi: Smile to the camera!


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