Living Dead Dolls: Annabelle

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Warning: If you are scared of dolls even for normal Barbie dolls or if you have nightmares for the movie Annabelle, please do not scroll any further or I am not responsible for your nightmares.

Picture taken from L7 World
Today I am gonna review on Living Dead Dolls, Annabelle which I just got her from a friend recently. This is a movie adapted version Annabelle from the movie Annabelle or if you have probably seen her in the movie The Conjuring. 

Picture taken from Wikipedia
Annabelle is the prequel of The Conjuring, well I am not gonna introduce the movie because this is about the doll. If you are interested in the movie, you can read it up through the Wikipedia links. 

This is the very first time I actually adopted a Living Dead Doll. Yes, I got her for free but well, it's a long story.... The sad thing is the box is quite badly dented but oh, well that is not that important since the doll is in good condition
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The box is quite nicely designed which is quite close to the real box that is used to lock up the real Annabelle. Her hair is surprisingly soft and nicely braided and I got a little surprised to find the little note which is based on the movie but I do think that it is rather big for her scale. If compared to the Annabelle movie, this is much adorable version.
Overall, I think that she is a much adorable version of the movie Annabelle.


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