Easy Mini Sewing Machine

Monday, February 18, 2013 0 comments
Finally got myself a mini and easy to use sewing machine to speed up the process to sew my dolls' clothes

The pink colored shiny lining is decorated by myself with some handphone decorations~

Honestly, I love making clothes for my dolly darlings just that sometimes, when hand-sewing, the problem is always doing it half-way and the next thing you know, you probably have totally forgotten about that half-way through project or just too lazy to continue it... Besides that,  it limits the level of complicated clothes design that I am able to create for my dolls 

I find that I have a need to get at least a simple sewing machine especially after having Ophelia who is sculptured to have a unique body shape and unless the dress are tailored especially for her body, otherwise, it is rather hard to find fitting her proportions (^__^ |||)

Sewing this top alone for Phylis takes approximately half an hour (||| > __>)
Looks very simple and not very pretty but it takes time to create it....

I have been searching for a portable sewing machine from quality brands like Singer and Brothers and to simple "As Seen On TV" sewing machine but the reason why I choose to buy this "As Seen On TV" sewing machine is I would like to find out how often and how much function that I really need to use when making my dolls' clothes because I come across sewing machine with 20+ stitches or as simple as the one that I just bought 

For this sewing machine, it operates with 4 AA size batteries or a compatible adapter which can be bought separately and you can choose either to use the foot pedal or the ON and OFF button by the side

For a beginner user like myself, this sewing machine is easy to use and it comes with a simple instruction manual to start out with~


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