Gathering at Neko Neko Nyaa

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Today's gathering we have, Amos' new boy, Cecile~
I love his innocent and troubled face d( >  v  <)b

Sileus: Who might you be? I have never seen you before ( ̄ A ̄)づ
Cecile: Cecile is my name...who are you then (O  __ =)
Sileus: Sileus... \(-_- )

~Phylis and Sileus~

~Cecile and Ophelia~

Cecile: She's cute~~♥
Ophelia: Are having perverted thoughts? ఠ_ఠ
Cecile: No.... *blush*

The cameraman with his new gadget ^^v

Oppss...caught in the act while Ophelia was scratching her head ...
Ophelia: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Fantoi!!!!
Sileus: *RUNSSS*

Neko Neko Nyaa, Trading Card Game (TCG) and Cosplay specialist store in Kuching founded earlier this year~ These are some of the cosplay products on the shelf

It's also a gathering place for those who plays trading card game and the set up theme looks like a Japanese room setup with bamboo mat (tatami) for TCG players to sit on ^^v

If you happen to be hungry while playing, there are snacks and drinks available for sale and if you need to add more trading cards to your collection, they are available for sale as well at the counter. Looking for the boss for Neko Neko Nyaa?

The boss of Neko Neko Nyaa, Taichou~

Ophelia wants to play TCG too~

Ophelia: Dare to play with me?

Card Harem~~

Yucca has turned into a mouse~
Yucca: hehehe...Taichou didn't sense my presence, I'm a Ninja Mouse~

The cameraman and his lover~

Ophelia: Taichou's fur is soft...can I bring her home?
Me: No, sweetie, she's happy living here, we can always visit her next time~


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