White Valentine Day Gathering

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 0 comments
White Valentine Day with love at...


Ruzgar tags along today's gathering~

Gets a little bored when everyone is busy...

And we have got a new girl boy in the house, Cyril~
Seems like Ruzgar likes him~

While Cyril's mom is nomming...

Ruzgar has brought Cyril on a sheep ride (づ ̄ v ̄)づ

Phylis gets a ride on the bicycle's basket~

Brother and sister photoshoot ~

Oppss...someone has mistaken Phylis for Ruzgar's girlfriend (-___- |||)

They look like a family and coincidentally all three of them have blue eyes~

Vincent uses a fork to comb Hazeline's hair ^^|||

....and it works~

~Victorian Style Family Photo~

Dane the Big Momma~

~Yaoi Romance~

~Hardcore Yaoi~

....in the public....


Yaoi Poser posing the boys~

Forceful kissu~

Something for my desktop background~

Watch advertisement taken by Vincent ~

While Vela's busy sewing...

I gave Cyril a new hairstyle~

Sheep riding

Some shots of the beautiful decorations~

Last by not least...




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