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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 0 comments
A recent picture of myself and Ralphina
It has been 3 years since I started to engage into collecting dolls. Starting from my very first Pullip, Pullip Sfoglia whom I named Ralphina Rozene. Remembering those enthusiasm when researching about dolls and getting to know what they really are. Sometimes, I do wonder if I hadn't revive my childhood passion for dolls, how different will I be now?

From a collection of purely, me and my dolls, The Dolly Carnet has brought me together with Videl, Uepu and Resiove, having gatherings and bringing our dolls together which has brought this doll collecting hobby even more interesting and livelier. Though I am not embarrassed of showing my friends about the hobby that I have and in fact, I enjoy sharing this hobby of mine with my friends but sometimes, it can be quite boring because when they do not understand the passion and interest of doll collecting, it feels like educating rather than enjoying the conversation. 

Sharing is caring has always been my favorite quote and that is what we are doing in The Dolly Carnet Facebook group. I think interest is something interesting to talk about and shared whether you are still a newbie or an experienced collector because that is what keeps it interesting. I appreciate everyone around me for being supportive to my interest for dolls   


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