Amos' Birthday Party/Doll Gathering

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 0 comments
The day that Amos legally gains his full freedom has come!!
It is Amos' 21 birthday, last Saturday and The Dolly Carnet are one the invited guest to his birthday party at Hartz Chicken~
Homemade cake made especially by Amos~
*hopefully next year I can order for my family's birthday*

The food photographers~
...but shouldn't they be taking the picture of the cake from the front?

Same expression~

The touching moment when Amos' mother grants him with a golden key pendant which symbolizes the freedom granted by his mother~

Photo taken from Wingle Chin
Group picture with the gangs~

erm...*no comments....*

Move on to the mini doll gathering that we had~

Photoshooting of us with our kids~

Dane and Cecile sure looks like father and son together~

The Red Queen~

Sileus and Phylis~

Ophelia babysitting Usagi-chan~

Hesse look like a pirate in that outfit
d(>  v  <)b 

Ruzgar and Cyril are always together as usual in gatherings~

Ruzgar: You look lonely today...miss me? 
⌣ ⇀)/
Cyril: *blush*

Ruzgar: Stop resisting me~~ I know you want me~

Cyril: ...but...we are in the public...

Ruzgar: Wanna go somewhere private?
Cyril: *nods*

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