Review: Napidoll Wigs and Kaomoji Alpaca

Sunday, November 17, 2013 0 comments
Finally finish my work~~
Have been waiting to put these Napidoll wigs on my girls
Also received my pre-order Kaomoji Alpaca that I ordered about a month ago from Apple Wing Garden ~
Review: Love the soft texture of the plushies and their price is reasonable~  

Phylis and Ophelia hugging their adorable Kaomoji Alpaca plushies
(゚ ∀゚)(・∀・)

Wig: Napidoll Summer Event Preorder Wig (Color: Sully Hair (Cream Pink))
Review: The wig texture is as soft as my own hair and manageable

Wig: Napidoll Summer Event Preorder Wig (Mermaid Hair)
Review: The front bangs are colored with pastels which made the bangs a bit rough compared to the rest of the wig that are not colored with pastels

Overall Napidoll's wig texture is softer than most wigs that I have at home and they are more manageable whereby you can just use your fingers to comb their wig~


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