Ringdoll Warren and Ringdoll Jack the Ripper

Saturday, November 23, 2013 0 comments
Newly created characters by ball-jointed doll company Ringdoll has brought a well-known story of a serial-killer in the mid-19 century London, "Jack the Ripper" into their new doll character inspiration. There were multiple fictional stories made but this version of Jack the Ripper made Jack a psycho killer who is broken hearted over his beloved wife's death. 

Somehow when I read the story, I actually like this character "Jack" because comparatively to the character Warren, Jack is murdering out of his dispair and love for his wife which Warren describes as an art of murder. 

Sculpt wise, I am a sucker for that sly smile carved on Warren's face. He has got Raymond's cunning look and Ruzgar's sly smile which makes they great trio team up~

My coming soon guy, Raymond~

My big guy, Ruzgar~


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