Santa Nana's Gift

Friday, December 6, 2013 0 comments
Counting the day to anticipate the upcoming Christmas celebration~
Wanted to keep my present to be opened on Christmas Eve but my mom accidentally mistook the package as one of her online shopping package and opened it...but it is definitely a wonderful mistake made by her because I was surprised and happy to see my Christmas present given by my Santa Nana for this Secret Santa Event organized by The Dolly Carnet admin.

Love the details that my Santa made on the Christmas card~
Let's open it~

Thanks for the nice greetings~

I got my Pullip Classical White Rabbit from Tyler and this dress just came on the perfect timing for her to wear~ Love the embroidery details made on the waist part

With a pinkish ribbon~

The second set was made for a Dal/Byul and it suits Joyce as she is more of active type of girl ~

The beret hat has got a cute teddy on it~
ヽ(^Д^)ノ Cute~~

Florence: Wanna have some dessert girls?

Hazeline has worn the third set of outfit and joint Joyce for some chat 
It suits Hazeline's cute and innocent style~

Last but not least...
Thank you Santa Nana for gifting us such a lovely Christmas present~


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