A Stroll at Siar Beach, Lundu~

Sunday, June 8, 2014 0 comments
Location: Siar Beach, Lundu
When there earlier this year but due to my busy scedule for Chinese New Year event, I left out my blog post for my outing with my dolly daughters at Siar Beach. It was partly for my work that I have to go there but me and my colleague took the chance to stroll around the beach after my official work.

The Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre is a resort near the beach.

Photoshoot at the Tree Top Terrace which allows us to view the beach from about 3 storey high height from the beach~ 

We found a green snake on the tree which blended well with the color of the tree. 
It started gliding upwards of the tree to escape from us. 

These are some of the little things that we found while strolling by the beach~

After a long stroll at the beach, we went to the mini lake~


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