Easter Photoshooting (Part 1)

Monday, April 8, 2013 0 comments
Isabella the Tooth Fairy bring you on a tour to the Easter Carnival~
What will we find in the carnival?

What's Cyril doing?

He's stalking Ruzgar~

Oppss...Cyril found something while stalking Ruzgar (O ___ O)??

Little Alice and her friends are having a picnic together~ 

~The Easter Carnival sisters~

~Snow White, Cloverina and the Huntsman, Sileus~

The Wolf and the Sleeping Beauty~

Red Riding Hood and the Sexy Prince~

While photoshooting, strangers appeared to snap some photos of our dolls posing ~
Luckily it was the closing time for the shopping mall, otherwise there will be more strangers walking and photoshooting our dolls~ 

While everyone is taking their chance to snapshot the dolls, I got the chance to snapshot some pictures of these creative paper art~
I especially love the little fishes~

Bunny's Carrot Farm~

Farmer and his farm animals~

Sileus looks more like a Mad Hatter with his huge hat (>  w  <)b
Sileus: Now let the Mad Hatter bring you to the Mad MAd MAD WORLD!!!


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