Trying out with Wires

Monday, April 15, 2013 0 comments
After buying some these lovely accessories from Left n Right, I am inspired to try out some wire works to make jewelleries for my personal usage and probably for my doll darlings as well~

I got to know a lot about wires and the tools that I will need from Left n Right's creator, Eileen~
For a beginner like myself, I started off with a lower grade type wire which was from Eileen to practise some simple bending (n____n)b
For my 1st "project", I am making a simple necklace for Isa-chan since it has been some time I planned to make one (> w <) 

These are the 3 major tools that I just bought from the craft shop for RM20 for a set of 3~
Top: Wire Cutter
Left: Wire Straightener
Right: Round Bend Plier

After 15 minutes, I manage to make the loops for the name pendant and it was not very difficult just that if you do not know the tricks of how to make the loops, it can take awhile to figure it out (^ __ ^)v
 Next time I will try something harder with the  wire works and probably get some better wires to make them 


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