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Sunday, May 5, 2013 0 comments
Work has piled up ever since the exhibition while existing works still need to carry on but though so I enjoy my planning and designing works~

After long hours of work, I got myself sometime to tryout an android application which allows users to makeup after taking a portrait picture and I'd try on my tired face and I manage to improve my tired with some blush and colors~

Tired to take any more pictures, I used Ophelia's picture to tryout some other functions in the app~


This is edited using the preset theme (Smoky) 
* Considering on adding longer lashes and eye liner with lesser blush on her cheeks *

Apart from presets, you can also makeup manually and I guess I have added too much eye liner 
(> A < )|||
Compared to editing via photoshop, these are basically very easy to use but the condition is that your portrait picture is taken full face rather than side ways because it will complicate the editing. Besides that, the resolution when saving the edited the picture is not more than 1 mega pixel. Generally, if you are just using the picture for profile picture or casual portrait, this one-touch app is a user-friendly tool for a picture makeover~


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