Break Away

Friday, July 5, 2013 0 comments
Have you ever thought of leaving everything behind and just pack up a hand luggage and do something that might have ever cross your mind in the past. Accompanied by your camera and leave behind your handphone?

Back in my high school days, I used to think of being a manga sales person and share my enthusiasm with customers who are interested in manga. Recommend which manga is suitable to their taste or comment about the manga about the character design or the plotting of the story. Be the first to read the manga published by the publisher and buy my favorite manga every month. Salary just enough for my basic needs like food and house rental. Walk or use the public transportation to my workplace. Work til late night and go back home with my colleagues. During my off days, I would be out to some place for photoshooting something random while walking wearing my top and shorts with my flat slippers without any handbags or accessories around me. 

I understand that it can sound insane and unrealistic because I might gain all the fun that I have been craving for but reality, in financial terms, I might need more than just the money that I have earned to survive this wonderful "simple" lifestyle that I thought it can be that simple....also the important people around me that cares for me...

These are some of my random thoughts probably, I have got fed up or got bored with the things around me that is ever the same and the constrain of what I should and what not to do...If designers are required to think out-of-the-box, then why nail them down with all the rules and constrain? Doesn't that be just the same ask them to stay in the box? Ranting on my own blog can seem useless like writing a diary but at least I know what I want and probably, I might really try my insane and a little unrealistic thought with my hand luggage and camera with me but sorry to my handphone, you'll just have to stay behind at home because I don't want my unrealistic plan to be nail down 


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