Faceup-ing Your Own Dolls

Friday, July 12, 2013 0 comments

I read some doll forum threads regarding the topic whether to faceup your own dolls or send the dolls for faceup commission? Every doll owner has their comments and reasoning whether to faceup the dolls by themselves or let the pros do the work.  

What about myself?
Things all started from my second doll, a WithDoll Darkelf Fenrir 2011 Limited Edition (Sileus). The moment that I got to know his existence, he was already long SOLD OUT from the website but I guess, I was really lucky because I found him on sale in the doll forum and his owner did not like his skin color (Rosy Brown) and put him on sale right after his owner got him. Honestly, thinking back, I really love him that I was willing to buy him blank(no faceup) without giving a second thought that I am blank with faceup for dolls. 

  Not knowing what is suitable and what is not, I did my own research about faceup and also got some advices from faceup commissioners. Finally sourcing my own materials and tools and FACEUP!!
I was quite satisfied with my own faceup for my dolls~ Not that I have achieve a faceup like what the doll faceup commissioners has done for other dolls but it is the satisfaction to be able to give him a face that I desire him to have~ 

Personally, I think it comes back to your own will whether you want to faceup your own dolls or not. Sourcing the materials is not the main reason because apart from getting the materials online, I find that most of the materials and tools used can be substitute like for example, you can just use nail polish removal that does not contain acetone if you could not get Mr Color Thinner that is used by most faceup commissioner. 

If you are interested to faceup your doll, make sure that you plan the faceup that you want for your doll, otherwise you might end up re-doing multiple times. Material and tools expenditure is another factor to plan because if you buy them blindly, you might end up spending on unnecessary items which you might not be using later on. Generally, research is important to prevent the "oppss" situation so that you would not end up messing up the faceup or even your doll.

In conclusion, faceup can be time consuming if you do not plan it properly. Initially, you might make some errors but that is where you learn and after that, you will find that faceup can be interesting and challenging. Of course faceup commissioners would be a "shortcut" option and besides, every faceup commissioners have their own signature faceup style. 


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