Monster High: Rochelle Goyle (Scaries: City of Frights)

Saturday, July 27, 2013 0 comments
After struggling which to buy for the past few months, I finally settle down with getting Rochelle as my first customization subject. It is not about the faceup being ugly but it is not my cup of tea because if you do notice, the majority of my female doll collection have light and pastel colored faceup. 

 This will be last picture of her original stock style~

I love her hair color which compliments her overall look~

Her hair texture is really soft and easy to comb them~

Braided her hair a little for a start~ 
Her after customization appearance will be displayed during the Kyan!me event at The Dolly Carnet booth~
So come to our booth if you happen to be in Kuching


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