Hot Glue Sueded Ophelia's Joints

Monday, September 2, 2013 0 comments
Ophelia (Leekeworld Mikhaila Tan ver Winter 2012); probably is her joints that made her hard to pose and especially her shoulder joints they tend to slip resulting to an "X" pose for her hands. Hot glue sueding does the trick to pose the way I want her to pose

Enjoying her drinks with her new tea set from Hikaru~

Now her joints can pose without any issue~

Standing without support was an issue because her tight tends to slip and sometimes it causes her to fall all of a sudden which limits her pose

Now she is able to RUN~~~

...and chasing after a burger O____O|||

She looks more natural with her poses rather than having some visible supports all around her

Some pictures that was taken during a short gathering at Vela's workplace~
Two cute girls in kimono~

Her favorite bunnies which I bought from April~

With my mom's minion
 [=O v O=]v


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