Kyan!me Day 03(Part02): Dolly Day

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 0 comments
Ophelia helping Cecile to emphasize to everyone the notice "DO NOT FLASH"
I appreciate those photographers who came that day for obeying this notice because it's a pleasure to be sharing our doll collecting interest with the public at ease~

Cloverine let's go somewhere else to play~ 
ermm...mummy ask us to stay here until the exhibition is finish (^ v ^)|||

Kneel and I'll bless you with my magical wand~

Never seen such abs before *chuckles*

Can't help taking more pictures of this boy~

Those two guys showing off their abs 
(> v <)b

Challenging each other 
(* ‿ *)b
where did Cyril went?
(  •‿•)7

From this angle, it looks more like some rape case and the victim is sitting below 

The pretty victim...


The Dolly Carnet Members(Left to Right): Uepu, Vela, Videl, Myself(Rozene) & Amos~
Photo taken by Nuwa anak Pari

This is the last year of Kyan!me event and with the help of The Dolly Carnet members, The Dolly Carnet booth exhibition this year is merrier, especially with the exhibition and we are able to organize some events for the public to join in. Though there were some disagreement about our doll collecting interest which are uncontrollable as it comes back to a person's perspective but I think we benefit from getting to know new interested individuals and also doll collectors who are willing to share their experience. It is a great pleasure to share different experience about dolls with them. 


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