RingDoll Qin Zhe

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 0 comments
Newly released doll from RingDoll, Qin Zhe which is styled as a Chinese Opera performer. 

Qin Zhe is a "Dan" Opera performer which is performing as a female character~

According to RingDoll's description, Qin Zhe is cross casting
Cross casting refers to a kind of role assignment, namely, men playing female roles or women men’s. Cross casting was very common in performance art of China’a opera and became flourished since the Song and Yuan dynasties.
During the Ming and Qing dynasties, due to the more rigorous constraint of the feudal ethical code, men and women could not perform together, and cross casting became very popular, especially male Dan, or male cross-gender, drew wide attention from the society, becoming an unique scenery.

I love this pose as he looks elegant and graceful~

Besides his elegant style, he has a sad love story as well behind his graceful charm~
From September 9th~October 10th 2013 Qin Zhe will be one of the selected September promotion doll in RingDoll~

Though so, I have chosen to get Raymond instead of Qin Zhe for Raymond's sculpt is still very attractive and his smile is simply irresistible~ Probably, I will get Qin Zhe's headdress as it is a unique piece because that is what makes his overall opera style look elegant~


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