Kyan!me Day 02: Doll Faceup Workshop

Monday, September 2, 2013 0 comments
Picture taken by Antonia~
On the second day of Kyan!me, The Dolly Carnet organized a doll faceup workshop and guess who is the person demonstrating the tutorial~~

Picture taken by Antonia~
Myself (Kitty cap girl) and Videl~

Our participants were trying their best to faceup the doll's head~ 

These are the heads faceup by our participants and all of them did a good job for their first doll's faceup~ Everyone has their own unique style and creativity for doll's faceup 

Participant: Nuraz

Participant: Najib

Participant: Amos

Participant: Hikaru

Participant: Antonia

Participant: Rachael

Ruzgar and Nuraz's daughter dating while waiting for the faceup workshop to end~
They made a lovely couple


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