Kyan!me Day 03 (Part 01): Ball-joint Doll Gathering

Saturday, September 7, 2013 0 comments
From day 1 to day 3 of Kyan!me, I enjoyed the last day the most with our unexpected guest, Nekona with her son, Sol~
Both Ruzgar and Sol are showing off their sexeh body
*Should have more sexeh pictures of these two sexy boys*

Their similarity is their strict looking face
\(* v *)/

Ophelia looks like a little bunny popping out from the back of everyone~

Cloverina looks cute in her new dress

I really have no idea what got into me to be sewing this wedding dress for Phylis after coming back from the second day of Kyan!me 
I guess I must be mad to be sewing until pass 2 a.m.....speechless...but at least her wedding dress turns out to be what I had in mind 
d (@  V  @) b 

Cyril looks like the guardian for the teens and did you spot some scandal going on?

~Group photo~
One side looks rather dark while the other side is like the bright side~

Frilly and lacey~


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