Canon EOS Couple Teddies

Monday, November 26, 2012 0 comments

Introducing~~ Canon EOS Couple Teddies ~
I fell in love with them immediately when I saw them at my ex-workplace and surprisingly, they were from Canon ^w^ I am pleased when my ex-managers said that I can have them ^^v Lucky~ 

Initially, I thought that there are 4 type of couple teddies to collect but I did not notice the little note below stating "Clothings Included" =___+

Cupid teddies, baby teddies, bow tie teddies, married couple teddies, engagement teddies and all kinds of teddies that I can find in gift shops and toy shop but it is rather rare to find photographer teddies and they are wearing Canon's vest  ^__^ 

Wondering were the clothings are, I finally found them in the cardboard platform that they are sitting on top *w*

The other 2 looks for both teddies would be the formal dinner look and sporty look~
Well, I got my mind on adding some decorations for the female teddy's dinner dress ^^v

Brought them to my mother's workplace ^^v


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