SPCA Diary 2013

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 0 comments
While waiting for my friend to arrive for our little doll gathering, I went to a nearby pet shop, The Animal Kingdom to hunt for CottonCandy's biscuits but I ended up buying this cute 2013 Diary, published by the SPCA Selangor. It is just the perfect planner for me and could not any planner that is better than this because it has all the features that I want in my planner compared to the other planners that I was hunting online recently~

Some sneak-peek to the interior of the diary~
If you used to have the perception that the cats and dogs in SPCA are not cute, well you will probably have a change of perception after looking at these featured pets of owners who donated to the SPCA because some of these lovely and cute pets are actually adopted from the SPCA according to the caption on certain divider pictures~ If you too are interested in this diary, you can get them from SPCA Selangor's website~

Adopt Don't Buy!


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