Moisturising Day

Thursday, November 8, 2012 0 comments
Recently, there is a change in weather causing dry skin and chapped lips...especially after taking a shower it is obvious on the nose and lip areas >___< Initially when I got to Watsons, the main target in my mind is a facial mask for I was really desperate to moisturise my dry skin condition T^T

The very first thing that catches my eyes in the mask section is this cute baby with the caption: "HEAVENLY SMOOTH like baby"
The one thing that pops up in my mind was that what I am looking for, heavenly smooth skin~

Honestly, what came across my mind was, is this a BABY PRODUCT? The name for it is "Baby Moist Lotion"... After my first try, I love how it moisturised my skin condition and it feels just like after using a facial mask and it does not make my skin feel like it has been layered by a layer of oil~

For my chapped lips, Majolica Majorca is still the best solution because it does not only moisturise my lips but also, it repairs my chapped lips~

I love how my skin feels after being moisturised~~


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