Doll Faceup Gathering

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 0 comments
Yesterday we have hosted a mini doll faceup gathering at Resiove's house~
That afternoon was not a very bright weather as it was raining when we first got to Resiove's house and it took quite some time for the MSC on Amos' boy's head to dry...
Let me introduce, Amos' ball-jointed doll, Dane Wu~ 
He is our subject for faceup and restringing yesterday ^^v While waiting for the MSC to dry, I decided to restring Dane's body because all Iplehouse's doll are shipping to owners floppy in order to prevent damage to the doll during shipping to the owner.

Dane's body breaking apart~

Initially, we thought of restringing for a new elastic string but seeing that the elastic string that Amos bought separately was thinner and original elastic string from Iplehouse is in good condition, I just tighten the string for Dane's body to be able to pose properly~

After testing the tension for the elastic string, I tighten the elastic string and started jointing the hand parts first~


Now the torso to the leg part~

Due to time constrain I did the rest at home~

Though the elastic strings were tighten, Dane still was not able to sit I decided to do some glue sueding on his tight and now Dane could sit straight without any back support ^^v Temporarily borrowed Ruzgar's underwear because he's nude in my bedroom ^^,

I did the faceup for him too and I think I quite like him *w*
I want to improve his faceup some more on the eyelids when I get the time to do so ^^

 Side view of his new faceup~


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