Colorful Day Out

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 0 comments
 Everyone is talking about the unique and lovely Christmas decorations at tHe Spring and the Rozenes decided to take a trip to tHe Spring to take some snapshots~

Sileus and Phylis are all ready for a day out to the visit tHe Spring ~

 1st Stop ---> Memory Land (Basement Floor)
Given the privilege by Vela to take some snapshots with the decorations at the shop, we took the opportunity to select the props that we wanted to snapshot with~ 

Hazeline looks cute with that plushie rocking horse and I'd think I should get one for her now that I look at the picture, it suits her ^^v

The little London Town inside tHe Spring and those shops are not just mere dummy shops but some of their tenants like Poppies and Parkson are there selling toys and they also invited Gingerbread House to open a mini shop there and I love how Gingerbread House decorated the whole shop with all the nice and pretty Christmas cakes and candies~

Delighted than ever, I was given the permission to take some snapshots of my doll darlings inside the Gingerbread House ^^v

While Hazeline and Phylis was enjoying getting snapshots, Sileus was left alone T^T

Sileus: Now is my turn to show off~

Lovely and nice Christmas cookies and cakes~

I think all the cookies and cakes here are priced very reasonable just that, it is too pretty to be eaten just like that >___<

Here's a guess, is this edible?
Guess again~~


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