The Dolly Carnet Christmas Gathering 2012 Part 1

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 0 comments
With everyone's presence, I decided to organise a Christmas Gathering to get together with our dolls~ 



tHe Spring 

With new mini member:

with all our doll darlings~

Randomly got in the mood to style Phylis' hair with a mini crown that my mom bought for me long ago and the crown's size is just right for Phylis~

After having our dinner, everyone are all with their cameras and handphone, posing the dolls and taking pictures of them and...

look at the result of their snaps~

Cloverina found her love in the gathering~

While they were busy with taking pictures of each other's doll, I sneaked out to take some picture of the lovely decorations~
A welcoming entrance decorated with colorful lightings and adornments~

Combined with a classic touch~

Spot anything?

I love how tHe Spring had decorated for Christmas and the ambience is especially great for photo shooting~
The lightings for all the pictures in this blog posts were not adjusted because the lighting is just perfect and there is no editing needed for all the pictures ~


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