Hazeline's Saturday Morning (Part 1)

Saturday, December 1, 2012 0 comments
One Saturday morning...one of the Rozene wakes up to welcome this wonderful Saturday morning~

It's Hazeline~
Hazeline: Do I look pretty today?

Hazeline: Mummy Rozene have made a lovely hat and it suits my dress~ Don't you agree~

Hazeline: Take a picture of me and Bamboo, my pet doggy~

Hazeline: This pose too~

Danbo: Hazeline, have you heard about the new package that came this morning?
Hazeline: Yea, I heard that there is a new member coming to the family~
Danbo: Any idea, who there are?

Hazeline: No idea here~ We'll find out when Mummy Rozene opens them~

To be continue~


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