Isul Neko Neko Mao Mao

Thursday, December 13, 2012 0 comments
Groove is back with something cute, something fluffy and something Mao Mao~
Stay tuned to Groove's January 2013 release, Neko Neko Mao Mao Isul which will be a @ BabyBee Creators Label Collaboration. Familiar name?

Yeap, previously in 2011 @ BabyBee had a collabration with Groove to create Isul Mao but Isul Mao is more on the cool side while Neko Neko Mao Mao Isul is more to the cute side ^^v 

Like Isul Mao, Neko Neko Mao Mao Isul's cat theme set comes with 4 tee shirts and 2 pairs of socks to mix and match to create a different fashion style n___nv

I think that both Isul Mao and Isul Neko Neko Mao Mao are like siblings yet with similar fashion sense yet their style are different ~ If you ask me, which one is my favorite, I would say both because they are different in their own style and I do want to have both of them~~


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