The Dolly Carnet Christmas Gathering 2012 Part 2

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 0 comments
Sileus: Ow...Mommy Rozene is back....what a bother >___>
Phylis: Opps~ *blush*

It's posing time again and look at that look on Resiove's face ^^v

They look like sisters ^^ Feels like kidnapping Cloverina home for more snapshots XD

Cloverina is today's spotlight since she's the birthday girl~

Isabella admiring Phylis' shiny crown~

Isabella being left out from the group when everyone is busy taking pictures of the dolls~

Sileus posing for pictures~

The ladies sitting together for pictures~

I love taking pictures of them together ~

Meanwhile... *censored*

Manly cool pose from Yan~

Last couple picture before heading back home ~


Cloverine's lovely pose~

Sadly, by the time we finished our photography session, tHe Spring is closing and we did not manage to take any pictures at the little "London Town" but we are planning on a Year End Gathering by end of December ~
Hope to take more pictures in the next gathering~


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