End-Of-Year Gathering 2012

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After a Christmas Gathering, what is a year to end without a End-Of-Year Gathering~
I'm glad that for this last gathering of the year 2012, all four admin members of The Dolly Carnet are present for the gathering 

Everyone was busy with what they are doing except for Videl who is all ready for the snapshot XD

 The Dolly Carnet admin~
Photographer: Lost Russian Ojou-sama

Sadly for the "shops" in the "London Town" in tHe Spring, they have closed and no more Gingerbread House snapshots T^T
My first time camwhoring with Ruzgar 

Happens that yesterday, I bought Isul Mao from Calvin and I debox Mao at the gathering~
It is a new one that even the bubble wrap is unwrapped yet~

Lots of accessories and tees~
Surprisingly he comes with 2 white hairpins O___n

He looks cool and Videl's leopard's pattern fur fabric is especially matching for Mao's photoshoot~

 On the other side (b  v  b)

Ruzgar posing for photoshoots ^^v

Ruzgar or now he is known as Lee Kwang Soo by Videl~

Ruzgar posing in front of The Gingerbread House~

The prop is especially suitable for the Winter theme~

Hazeline whole dressup matches Dal Clair's bonnet~

Hanky panky scene at the side (* w *)

Sadly Reviove had to go back to work and the three of us proceed to the horse carriage for a group photoshoot~
Here we are~

A candid shot but I don't know why we posed that way (^  v  ^)|||

Our last stop is Secret Recipe, coincidentally we sat at the same place like last year~
My last camwhore 2012~

The Rozenes wishing everyone...

"Happy New Year"


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