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Sunday, January 20, 2013 0 comments
Browsing through Facebook's news feed, I was surprised and delighted to find Warui Neko posting an ad to sell the books that are displayed during Comic Fiesta 2012 are up for sale~
I always wanted to get some books prop for my dolly darlings just that I seldom come across any until recently~ How could I miss this chance to get these cute books for my darlings

Here they are all wrapped tightly with plastic wrap~

The packaging is totally water proof~

*poof* books all scattered out...
One set of assorted books comes with 2 illustrated cover books and 3 plain cover books

The illustrated covers are printed with details and each book are of different sizes due to scale difference of the original books. Let's look what's inside the book~

The pages are flippable and all pages are blank so can use it as a diary prop for your dolls as well ^^v

Who reads in the house?

It's Yuki!
He loves reading especially books regarding science~

Hazeline: Does he really reads? ( ・◇・)?
Elisa: hmm....I doubt so...I have seen him sleeping while reading half way through ヽ(•́o•̀)ノ

Hazeline & Elisa: *whispers..*
Yuki: If you gals wanna whisper about me...lower down your voices...
Hazeline & Elisa: *ignores Yuki*
Yuki: * (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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