Sister Dress Up

Thursday, January 10, 2013 0 comments
Phylis and Ophelia's dresses are here~
It's not from Korea, it's from Kuala Lumpur just the box is re-used ^^v
Let's see what's inside the box~
I was surprised to find these lovely packaging packing my dolly daughters' lovely dresses~ 
Little Twin Stars handmade theme suits what's inside the package~

The Dresses
 These lovely dresses are from Kuso Regroup's Tsubaki Watanabe ^^v
Probably you have noticed, there is a difference in sizes because Ophelia has smaller bust size and lucky for me, Tsubaki is willing to custom size the dress for Ophelia otherwise her bust part will be very loose...

Look what I found in the package, a free gift ~ 
Thankius and they are lovely 

♥ Dress Style 01: Roses and cotton laces 
Love this style and it's suitable for a vintage casual look (^  v  <)

♥ Dress Style 02: Mint Strips 
Decora Kei style spoils her with candies and a blend of colors (* w *) I wish Ophelia had reach home and I could pair both of them up to have a sister look 


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