Happy Birthday to ME!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 0 comments
It's the time of the year again when my age ADDS 1 year older T^T
But I'm actually glad about Birthdays not because of the presents that I will be receiving but it is also the day that my mom brought me to this wonderful world which is the best present in life to receive~ 

I am also thankful for all the wonderful birthday wishes that I got from everyone since 12 am in the morning today and Videl representing The Dolly Carnet created this lovely Birthday greeting for me ~
♥  Got nothing more than "Thank you" to reply everyones' thoughtfulness

I guess when she's your mom, she understands and supports what you love to do and I believe so because other from red packets (ang pow), I got this lovely tea set kept in a pink straw suitcase bag 
Yeap, if you have read my Tutorial post for Dal Faceup, you did saw this bag because it was given to me on my Lunar date birthday which falls on the 1st of January this year ^^v

30 pieces of tin tea set and it's POLKA DOT!
They are suitable for my dolls for picnic~

My darling dear got me a headset to entertain my ears with my favorite music~
It comes with a USB Virtual Surround 7.1 which enhances my music
d(^  v  ^)b ~

Last but not least of this meaningful day is to enjoy indulging myself with my favorite cake and this year's cake selection is from :


~Blackforest cheese cake~
I love how the soft creamy cheese pampers my taste buds and the dark cherry filling is just right to refresh the taste of the overall combination~ 


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