Tutorial: Dal Faceup

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The weather today was great which encourages me to make this basic faceup tutorial and it is quite similar to faceup for ball-jointed dolls just the undoing the stock faceup part is different ~

What is needed in this tutorial:
Synthetic Eyelash (Common term: Fake Eyelashes)
Purple Pearl Powder
Tamiya X-22 Clear
Mr Color Thinner
Mr Super Clear (UV Cut -Flat-)
White Glue
Assorted Sizes of Paint Brush
Color Pastels (Brand: Mungyo Pastels)
Abrasive Paper (FEPA Grit Designation: P-1000)
Watercolor Pencil (Brand: Faber Castle)
Facial Cotton Pad
Cotton Buds

Victim Today: Elisa Rozene
Not that I hated the faceup but her yellowish eye-shadow does not suit her overall fashion style and I prefer light and sweet colored faceup...

For head opening tutorial, you can find them on the Obitsu body changing tutorial which is basically the same way just that Dal does not have a scalp so you can skip the scalp prying part ~
Remove the eyelashes before proceeding to other faceup procedures 

P-1000 Grit abrasive paper is enough to remove her stock faceup ~

Other from abrasive paper, I used Mr Color Thinner to remove some of her light faceup like her eye shadow~
I maintained her lovely lip color because I love her stock lip color 

After removing her stock faceup, I applied 2 layers of  sealant (Mr Super Clear) on her face before applying any color to her face~

Color Pastels for her blush and eye shadows 

Watercolor pencils are used to draw her lower lashes and eye brows 

How many layers of sealant to apply during the process of faceup will depend on whether you want to keep that part you colored her face (^  v  ^)
USEFUL TIP: If say after you apply her eye shadow and if you have applied a layer of sealant, even if you have made any mistake when lining with the watercolor pencils, you can eraser it off with eraser which will save you time on redoing everything ^^v

Faceup done~ 

Now for her synthetic eyelashes~

For Dal's eyelashes, half of a piece of eyelash for each eyelid will be sufficient ^^v

For gluing, I used white glue which is similar to synthetic eyelashes glue 

Just a small amount on the cotton bud will be sufficient to stick the synthetic eyelashes to the eyelid~

Make sure the eyelash is curving inside out~

X-22 clear gloss for glossy lips

Pearl powder for some shiny particle on her face~
OPTIONAL: Depending on personal preference because it is not that obvious in photos but closer look will notice the tiny shiny particles 

Final look~ 

Elisa: How do I look?

Close-up look

Thank you for viewing~
Any questions, just leave me a comment in this post~


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