Rozene's Dolly Confession

Saturday, January 19, 2013 0 comments
After 3 years of engaging in my interest for doll collecting, I have some confessions that I want to make...

1) I tend to choose female BJD with similar facial expressions as I do though I did not them to look like that on purpose...just realize it after buying them
(O  A  O)|||

2) When I go shopping, I automatically got "pulled-away" to look at things that might be suitable for my fellow doll darlings' scale♥ Ends up, I bought a lot of miniature food for my dolly darlings and only one third of my collection has been used as props for my dolls while others are kept sealed...

3) I am not a person of pure innocent person but honestly, I never bought any re-cast or not originally from the company though I ever once though of buying a re-cast because it was limited edition doll but I gave up on the idea for I love the doll's sculpt and if I really did buy the re-cast, it feels like a betrayal...but I guess my good will is blessed, the company re-release the sculpt
(シ_ _)シ Sorry

4) Before buying a doll, I need 2 months of observation period and unless after 2 months I still have the love for that doll, then I will buy him/her ^^v That's my way of avoiding from regretting later and needed to sell them away later on

5) I know not everyone have good understanding of my dolly hobby but I still do not like the idea of strangers grouping my dolls with children play dolls when these dolls are not even meant for children's age group to play. Some of them even got that "look" on their face when looking at our dolly collections which is sad that these community still exist...
┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`□´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ Double Fantoi!!

6) 70cm BJDs, they have good-looking body which looks good with almost any dress-up but I still prefer bringing smaller dolls like Groove Dolls out for most gatherings because they weight lesser and easier to bring around.
(>  A  <)|||

7) I like taking pictures of my dolls with props that have great details looking like the real items and also bring them out to take some outdoor pictures because I see them as partly alive and staying at home plainly everyday would be a pain for them and I'd love to bring them out for some fresh air and take some pretty pictures~
(ღ ˘ ⌣ ˘ ღ)

8) I have more dolly girls compared to dolly boys not because I do not have any boy that like but I am bad with making outfit for guys as well as styling them to look cool and probably you have already noticed that most of my girls are dressed differently most of the time while the guys, they are wearing of the same outfit 

9) I know that beauty is a very subjective topic and I strongly agree...but sometimes I find myself criticizing some other dolls that I think that their faceup, fashion style, wig and outfit just does not go together and it just ruined the lovely doll...

10) Congratulations to myself for fulfilling 90% of my wishlist in 2012~


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