ArsEspe Liddell by Groove

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Groove has released a 3rd doll in their ball-jointed doll line called ArsEspe but it is a limited edition to 30 dolls only within the limited period of time starting 8th of May 2013 to 31st of May 2013 selling at 39,900 Yen (Including Tax and Postage) according to the Groove Official Online Shop.

Her name is ArsEspe Liddell~

She is quite poseable like other ball-jointed dolls~

Size wise, it is of an average Yo-SD size and therefore, it's easier to shop for outfit and accessories for her~
The things in the list are the this that she will come with in the set.

Her fashion style is based on Alice theme and each set comes with the full outfit

~ I love her full set outfits ~

At first when I saw the price, it looks rather expensive (approximately USD410) but when you break it down, the price is quite reasonable as it includes her original faceup, outfit, a pair of mary jane and accessories as what is shown in the pictures. If you are interested in her, be sure to get her fast before she sells out due to the limited quantity produced~


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