Late Global Love Day~ ::Part 2::

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 0 comments

Credits to Resiove for such a lovely picture of Ophelia~

Our little member also wants to take pictures of cute looking Ophelia~
*the caught in the act expression*

Jisun playing with his rubber ducky that he got from home~

Usagi-chan with her mini bouquet of roses~

Rhea ditching the boys who are all into Hotwheels~

Ichiko with her green cupcake~

Cloverine got her hair styled by Vincent~

Cecile helping out to take care of Jisun but...

ended up getting bullied instead...

Guys talk on one corner~

~Group picture~

Amos' girls~

The 3 of them playing together~

Jinsu spotted something cute...

Jisun: Cyril, can I have your ducky socks?

Cyril: Sorry but no they are from my Mummy Vela....

Jisun: I WANT IT!!!
Cyril: Ahhh~ Help, he's attacking my socks!!

*Jisun flips Cyril around and got a hold of the socks*

Jisun: just have to pull the socks out~~

*Cyril crying in silent*
Jisun: Oppss...I guess I just made him sad (+ ___o)

Jisun: Don't be sad...I won't rob your ducky socks anymore~
I love you and Happy Global Love Day~
(* w *)


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