Late Global Love Day~ ::Part 1::

Sunday, May 5, 2013 0 comments

Ruzgar: Does it appeals you...I mean the cupcake~

This time's gathering, we have another member joining us which is Hairul and we quite some fun playing with his son, Jisun 
(^ v ^)

It's a day for some love because the Rozenes are celebrating the late1st of May is Global Love Day and the girls are given a bouquet of pink roses~
Both Ophelia and Phylis are in their lovely rose dress up~

Sileus enjoying his beer with Phylis~

Cute blonde couple and they just look cute together~ (>  w  <)b

Rhea: hmph...Look at those guys...having their love for their toy cars only....

Hotwheels gathering, each showing their proud collection~

The scene looks more like Yan is using the spiky apple to seduce Ruzgar 
(> A <)|||

Cecile: Oh no! An affair (O A O)|||
Cyril: I saw it... (= A = *)

Ruzgar: Why do I feel chilly at my back?
Yan: It's just the air conditioner darling~

*Apologies for the kissing scene*

Cyril: NO YOU DON'T!! *pulls Yan's head*

Due to the "forceful" act, Cyril is sentence to a "special" punishment....
Apple boobies~

Sexy stripper (* w *)b

Our sexy prisoner~

Yan: Darling...wanna continue where we stopped just now?
Ruzgar: erm....I think I should be going off...excuse me....


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