Wild Usagi

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 0 comments
Usagi-chan have some new chibi friends at home~

Tiger: Hey Bunny-chan, want some of my specialized fried rice? (^  w  ^  )
Bunny: Nah...who knows how will it taste like (  = 3 =)
Tiger: T ^ T

Usagi: What's that piece of cloth on your head?
Tiger: That's not a cloth!! It's my cap!

Usagi: I want to try it~~ ( * u *)
Tiger: n...No.... (> A <  )
Bunny: Don't be stingy to Usagi-chan~

Usagi: *grabs cap from Tiger's head 
Tiger: Hey, be careful with my cap... (>  3  < )|||

Usagi: *puts cap on head
Bunny: Looks good on you, Usagi-chan~
Tiger: Of course, that's my cap~

I'm the new Wild Usagi!!


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